Ten Minute Plays

Listening, Feeling


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On her lunch hour, a young, blind woman communes with her father's paintings in attempt to resolve her long standing conflicts.


Out Front magazine called Listening, Feeling "...the evening's brightest jewel...reality enough to extract tears...truly wishes to follow these characters into the universe of a longer play."  The Rocky Mountain News said: Listening, Feeling "...takes art appreciation to new heights..."

The View from the Room


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It's New Year's Eve and a couple's disintegrating marriage is thrust to the forefront when the husband is caught spying on their neighbors with his binoculars.


The Denver Post called the play "intriguing".

No One Asks


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Three people in a psychiatric hospital try to communicate and deal with their relationships despite debilitating mental problems.

Christmas at the Dingles


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A play "...about what would happen if the profane and pessimistic English playwright Harold Pinter wrote a Christmas play. ...Christmas with the Dingles, it's a dead-on satire of that style of '60s Gothic realism that will, at least, have the theatre majors rolling in the aisles." The Rocky Mountain News

Mel’s Hanukkah Surprise


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A comedy that centers around an old man's visit with his son's family during Hanukkah and how you should watch what you say around someone who is dead; they may fool you and still be alive.


"...a truly touching slice of life that falls somewhere between Neil Simon and Woody Allen." The Rocky Mountain News

War to End All


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A comedy about two soldiers in a futuristic war and how cellular phone calls from home interrupt them during intense battles with the enemy.


The Boulder Camera said: "...builds to a poignant message."  The Rocky Mountain News: "...a wild concept..."  The Denver Post called the play: " adventure in absurdity...interesting and funny..."



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An absurdest comedy about two men who meet on the top of a mountain.


The Denver Post called the play "...a clever adventure on a mountain top."  Out Front Magazine said, " absurdly comical abstraction which is most enjoyable."


Up on the Roof


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A homeless man, who makes his evening home on the rooftops of New York high-rise apartment buildings, is confronted by a young woman intent on suicide.


Standup - Falldown


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An absurdest drama about a comedian who is trying for a comeback (or is he?) after being in a mental hospital.


Mim and Max


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A young man meets a strange young woman who only speaks gibberish.  Yet, despite this seemingly insurmountable handicap, they somehow fall in love.


The Denver Post called the play "sweet" and "a dance with words." Out Front Magazine said, "...Mim and Max gives us a warm smile."


Alamogordo Blues


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A dark comedy about two Brits on the vacation of their life to the exotic state of New Mexico.  It’s late and dark on a lonely road when they crash into a strange woman all dressed in black.  Is she alive?  Is she dead?  Did she commit suicide?  And what the hell was doing there in the first place?


Harv's Place


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And absurdest comedy set in a local bar, Harv’s Place, where there may be parallel universes wreaking havoc with time, space and other dimensions. Who’s who, when’s when, and what is up?


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