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La Femme de Paris


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A comedy set in Paris, La Femme de Paris tells the story of a young man who is left alone in Paris by a girl friend who fails to show up for their Parisian rendezvous. The man aimlessly wanders into a small cafe and meets a young French woman who quickly pulls him into her life and just as quickly drops him when her boyfriend appears. La Femme de Paris has been produced at the Changing Scene Theatre in Denver.


The Denver Post said La Femme de Paris "...ranks first in intriguing material..." The Rocky Mountain News called the play a " work by a playwright who knows what they are about." And Out Front magazine called the play "...the piece de resistance of the soiree. It is sharp in its depiction of character, its delineation of locale and its humorous dialogue." The play "...sent me home on a Parisian high." Westword said the play's "...gentle, kindly take on gender differences and mannerisms is charming, well-written and even a tad wise."


No Blues for the Cabman


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No Blues for the Cabman is a comedy about a highly successful business man and a Chicago cab driver and how their meeting in the cab changes both their lives. No Blues for the Cabman has been produced at the Changing Scene Theatre in Denver, the Alleyway Theatre in Buffalo, New York, the Ovation Players, Denver, and at the Changing Scene Northwest, in Bremerton, Washington.


The Denver Post called No Blues for the Cabman the best of Summerplay. The review said the play was "An endearing mixture of sweet humor and out-right laughs. 'Blues' takes several sharp pokes at the values and lifestyles of the high-pressure '90s before it ends with the kind of message we all need to hear from time to time." Westword called the play "...a delightful foray into life in the big city." The Boulder Camera said: "...Crost has a good eye and ear for the absurdities of contemporary life, and 'Cabman' sends us out chuckling and upbeat."


La Petite Fleur


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A romantic comedy set in a hospital room where Barbara, early fifties, languishes in her bed thinking she is dying.  An old boyfriend, Ian, mid-fifties, hears of her plight and decides to visit and make up for the way he treated her decades ago.  Barbara’s nurse, who knows the truth about her illness can’t convince Barbara no matter how hard she tries.  The nurse becomes the reluctant referee in this battle of the sexes.

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